Discover How To Set Up An Amazing Home Gym

A high quality home gym can be a great thing to have if you are hoping to get in shape without having to deal with making your way to a crowded fitness center in your local area.


Not only does a Bowflex PR1000 home gym allow you the convenience of being able to workout whenever you want to right inside your own home, but you can also customize your setup so that you can have everything just the way that you like it.

In order to get the most out of your investment, it is best that you do your homework on any of the items that you would like to have in your gym before spending the money. Another great machine I recommend is the Bowflex PR3000.

You will usually find that there are three different types of home gyms that you can put together according to the space that you have to work with as well as whatever type of budget that you have in place. I found some great advice and reviews at:

You can put up a machine, a free weight or even a plate loaded machine home gym. Each of these styles have their own distinct advantages as well as a set of disadvantages, all depending on how you look at it.

Machine home gyms are going to give you a solid construction of a single steel frame, loaded with various types of equipment for training. These pieces will work differently depending on the goals that you have in mind and the exercises that you set up. You can choose from gravity resistance, power rod or traditional training methods to help you get the results that you are looking for.

With a free weight setup you are going to have several types of equipment that are not attached to one another such as dumbbells and barbells. Have you read how well the Bowflex SelectTech 552’s are reviewed. You can use the pieces in a variety of combinations to help you meet your training goals. When shopping, you can pick out a traditional set up, or a power rack or power cage to help you work the exercises that you need to build muscle.

Plate loaded machine style home gyms are there to combine both the elements of a machine home gym and a free weight home gym. You can put together a set up that contains several stations or functions and there are all sorts of pieces that you can buy to help you get the gym set up that you are really looking for to make the most of your investment.